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New Construction

In the United States, nearly half of all nonresidential construction, by value, are energy-efficient, green buildings. Don’t be left behind. Given the average lifecycle, your new building or major renovation will stand for the next 50 to 100 years. That means you have an important opportunity to get it right from the start by surpassing standard practices and exceeding energy code requirements.

By integrating energy efficiency into plans for new construction or major renovations, you can start saving on operating costs from day one—and create a more comfortable, safer environment for your occupants. The sooner you start thinking about energy efficiency during the design process, the better. 

Our comprehensive building modeling services, available at no cost to you, can help you plan and achieve your energy efficiency goals. PECO incentives cover whole building systems, as well as interior and exterior lighting, for new construction and major renovation projects.

​Typical Energy Efficiency Solutions 

New Construction – Whole Building Systems

Comprehensive, building-wide measures including automation and remote systems that improve the facility’s overall efficiency.

  • 11%–20% Improvement Over Code
  • 21%–30% Improvement Over Code
  • 31%–40% Improvement Over Code
  • 41%–60% Improvement Over Code
  • > 60% Improvement Over Code

New Construction – Interior Lighting††

Construction of a new facility from the ground up or a major renovation with a change of building use.

  • ≥ 10% and < 20% of Code
  • ≥ 20% and < 30% of Code
  • ≥ 30% and < 40% of Code
  • ≥ 40% of Code

​Four Easy Steps to Get Started 

Contact the PECO energy-efficiency team, and we’ll help you:

1. ​​​​Evaluate your energy efficiency opportunities.

We offer solutions for every type and size of business to help you save energy and improve your bottom line. ​ 

​2. Choose qualifying equipment and measures. 
Which energy efficiency solutions make the most sense for your facility and budget? What incentives do you qualify for? We’ll cover it all with you. 

3. Apply for your incentives.
No headaches, no fuss. We’ll make sure the necessary documentation is completed properly so you get your incentives as soon as possible. 

​4. Enjoy all the benefits of energy efficiency.
Lower energy use, verified annual energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are just the beginning. ​



†Whole building incentives require building modeling. Please consult the application for full program details. 
††Construction lighting savings are calculated based on lighting power density. Please consult the application for full program details. 

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