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Fridge & Freezer Recycling

​​​​​COVID-19 Notice

At PECO, safety is our top priority. As part of our commitment to safety, we will be scheduling no-contact pickups only in the interim before resuming pickups from within your home. Fridges and freezers must be located in a garage, on an outdoor covered porch or in an outbuilding. For your safety and ours, we will not enter your home.

For assistance scheduling a pickup, please call 1-888-573-2672.

Get $75

PECO will pick up your old, working fridge or freezer from your garage, outdoor covered porch or an outbuilding, recycle it and send you $75. Plus get another $10 for recycling a working room air conditioner at the same time.

To schedule an appointment, be sure you have your electric bill account number handy. To look up your bill account number, click here. Also, you will need the make, model and size of the unit, which must be between 10 and 30 cubic feet and working at the time of pickup. The unit must be plugged in and working at time of pickup.

Customers living in multi-family buildings who do not receive an electric bill from PECO but own their fridge are eligible to participate in PECO Appliance Recycling if the appliance can be picked up from a garage, porch or outbuilding. To schedule a fridge or freezer pickup, please call 1-888-5-PECO-SAVE (1-888-573-2672) and a customer service rep will assist you.

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