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Why Natural Gas - For your Business




Natural gas can be the most cost-effective solution to your business heating, water heating, and process needs, and it is abundantly available from domestic sources at a cost that is more consistent than most other fuels.




According to the Energy Information Association’s 2014 Energy Outlook*, natural gas prices will remain relatively stable for the next 10 years. That means you could see years of continued savings.



Rebates and Service Line Credits

Get up to $1,300 in rebates:

$500 rebate - heating space is up to 14,999 square feet, OR

$1,000 rebate - heating space is 15,000 square feet or greater

$300 rebate - ENERGY STAR® Heating Rebate



Download a rebate form or complete a form online Plus, you are eligible to receive credits to reduce the cost of installing a  service line. The credit is based on the value of the natural gas service you are expected to use during a 25 year period.

Reliable and Convenient

80% of the natural gas PECO provides is produced in Pennsylvania. And,since natural gas is piped directly to your business, it eliminates the need for deliveries and it frees up space that oil tanks would require.




Natural gas can be used for various applications including space heating, water heating, cooking, dehumidification and process cooling and refrigeration.



Make the switch today. Apply online or call 1-866-685-5665 to get started.

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