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Start here if you want to either add natural gas service to your home or determine if an existing gas line has sufficient capacity for additional appliances. When you compare natural gas to oil and propane, you’ll discover natural gas is... 

Less costly *

Besides saving on fuel costs, it’s even easier and more affordable to install natural gas service to your home or neighborhood.

Be sure to take advantage of PECO’s rebates and installation credits. to save on appliances, equipment, and conversion to natural gas. Use PECO’s  Online Calculator to see how much you can save on annual fuel costs. 

Make the switch today. Apply online or call 1-866-685-5665 to get started.


Natural gas provides a lower carbon emission versus oil and propane. Along with ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment, your home can use natural gas responsibly and efficiently while reducing your environmental impact.*

Pounds of CO emitted per million British Thermal Units (BTU) of energy*
Natural Gas 116.6 lbs of CO
Heating Oil 163.4 lbs of CO
Propane 138.6 lbs of CO

More convenient

Because natural gas is piped directly to your home, you don’t need to worry about fuel deliveries or having a fuel tank on your property. In addition to heating your home, you can use natural gas for ranges, fireplaces, clothes dryers, water heaters, and more.  

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