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Natural Gas Map

Want to save money with natural gas for heating your home, cooking, or more? First, check if natural gas is available near your home by using the below map.

This map will provide an indication as to the availability of a natural gas connection. If your home already has a natural gas meter, then click here to start, stop, or have your natural gas service moved.
The location of PECO natural gas mains is generalized. By viewing a gas availability map, you agree to the below Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

By viewing the gas availability map, you agree and acknowledge that:

  1. The information in this tool is for guidance purposes only and is not guaranteed. It may reflect incomplete, incorrect, redacted, or outdated information. PECO may add, modify or delete any information contained in this tool without prior notice.

  2. You will not reproduce or use in any other medium, distribute, or otherwise use the tool or its information for any purpose other than analysis of the viability of a natural gas connection.

  3. PECO’s official position regarding any specific natural gas main location will be given to you only in response to your submittal of a formal natural gas application, which can be found here (login required). Subject to your specific situation, PECO’s response may require further action to be taken and/or further expense to be incurred by you in order to complete a connection to a natural gas main.

  4. Natural gas may not be available currently in your area.

  5. If natural gas is not available, you may be able to have PECO bring natural gas to your community by way of its Neighborhood Pilot program. Click here for further information.

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