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Energy-Efficient New Homes

Integrated systems and features that make all the difference.

Energy-efficient homes are designed and built so that all the energy-saving features and systems work together to deliver optimum performance.

Heating and Cooling That’s Just Right

Higher efficiency equipment uses less energy, makes less noise and often comes with extended warranties. Trained professionals install these systems according to best practices set by the leading industry association and equipment manufacturers. Plus, your living space has a constant source of filtered air to reduce indoor air pollutants.

Insulation: The key to comfort

The right amount of insulation and the quality of the installation make all the difference. Careful placement eliminates gaps and creates barriers to prevent air from bypassing the insulation, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout your home and increased comfort.

Air Sealing: Keeping it Tight

Comprehensive air sealing prevents air leaks through your home’s outer walls, windows, doors and other openings. Air sealing can make a real difference in your energy costs while controlling humidity and preventing pollen, dust and insects from entering your home.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs come in many shapes and sizes, giving you a range of lighting choices to create just the right atmosphere in every room. And ENERGY STAR certified lighting lasts longer and costs less to operate over time.

Windows That Shine

Advanced technologies, like protective coatings and improved frames, help keep heat in during winter and out during summer. They also block damaging ultraviolet sunlight that can discolor carpets and furnishings.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Appliances

Household appliances account for nearly 20% of energy use in an average home. A comprehensive package of ENERGY STAR certified appliances, such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer and ceiling fans, can reduce energy costs, while offering improved performance, quality and durability.

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